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Delirium. (to continue our Sandman fetish...)

Hey kids...just got back from a few days at the coast with La Familia before starting work for the summer. (*sigh*)

At any rate, this was the prettiest thing I squeezed out while away. It's in Prismacolor colored pencils; I guess I really just wanted to get used to them before attempting anything really ambitious. I'm disappointed with the scan, but since it's a full 8.5x11 on a wire-bound sketchbook, it could've been worse.

So...all comments welcome, from pencil technique to whatever. I get the feeling it's a little too busy, but then, it's a portrait of Delirium, so there you go. Obviously, it's finished, so I can't change much, but all advice will be stored and appreciated.

I don't know. In general, I'm a chicken when it comes to exploiting my tools. If anybody has special tricks for scaring themselves into experimenting, pass them on, because I'm WAY too good at second-guessing myself. :)

Is it me, or is it sort of Gorillaz-y? Oops.

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Great oogaly moogaly, you did this with pencils? Everytime i fool with the damned things, i get those crazy-sucky overlapping lines and such...maybe i'm just a sloppy boy? I dunno. But this is tre' cool.

I especially like them quasi-hearts bordering the top, and the delicate color-jobs on the toaster's wings, the jellyfish, and on the bookcover!

The only thing i moght fiddle with is filling the background with some kind of color, like some kinda punked-out nuclear green. Then again, that's just me. I'm on a monster green kick right now, i wanna see green everywhere i look these days. :)
Chicken legs on the toaster blow my mind. Very well drawn chicken legs. Maybe cassowary? Secretary bird? I don't know. Poultry, anyway. And yes, those are Hewlettt eyes and nose, for certain. Eye of Horus on the toast is cool. Jelly fish RAWK. Good pic. If it wasn't for the hewlett eyes, it'd be a good portfolio piece. I don't maybe that's just me. I like pupils on my insane female characters. Maybe if she wore a mask like Batman or Spiderman I wouldn't miss the pupils so much?

Deleted comment

I don't know, chocolate pants sound like a great idea to me. Imagine all the pick-up lines you could do.
I actually like the lack of pupils. They look cute and nutsy all at the same time, and besides, all the niftiest drawings of Del that i've seen have all been pupil-less. It's a tradition!

But i could be wrong. I once tried to invent chocolate pants, after all.