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Delirium. (to continue our Sandman fetish...)

Hey kids...just got back from a few days at the coast with La Familia before starting work for the summer. (*sigh*)

At any rate, this was the prettiest thing I squeezed out while away. It's in Prismacolor colored pencils; I guess I really just wanted to get used to them before attempting anything really ambitious. I'm disappointed with the scan, but since it's a full 8.5x11 on a wire-bound sketchbook, it could've been worse.

So...all comments welcome, from pencil technique to whatever. I get the feeling it's a little too busy, but then, it's a portrait of Delirium, so there you go. Obviously, it's finished, so I can't change much, but all advice will be stored and appreciated.

I don't know. In general, I'm a chicken when it comes to exploiting my tools. If anybody has special tricks for scaring themselves into experimenting, pass them on, because I'm WAY too good at second-guessing myself. :)

Is it me, or is it sort of Gorillaz-y? Oops.

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