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Bite Me webpage design [29 Nov 2002|11:10pm]

Since projectkooky will hopefully be back online soon, I figured I might as well come back with a bang. These are some of the main pages. All the links are dead, obviously, but the design's there.

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Vroom vroom. [19 Aug 2002|09:31pm]

This is a quasi-pointless post, as i'm not actually involved in the SD project, and everybody (aside from dear ol' Dylan) who IS involved in the damned thing is AWOL right now, but hell with it! I present pseudo-SD fan art...

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[20 Jul 2002|01:40pm]

[ mood | productive ]

Page 25 is finished and online. JB gave me a very good crit, and sparked my appetite. I'm hungry for more crits, please.

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Everything Art Nouveau must go! (Here there be boobs) [16 Jul 2002|02:16pm]

I went on a Alfonse Mucha-inspired art rampage this weekend, and

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The Amidala thing is what i currently have up for auction on Ebay. I can't help but think there's something wrong about her waist and right breast...but made-up nudie images of celebrities have a way of looking wonky as hell no matter what happens. Feh.


The Amelie bit is the result of an aborted effort to design an alternate cover for the movie's DVD packaging. The color job i attempted on it got all crazyscrewy (as Vera would've anticipated), so now it just lingers as a scanned b&w line art...


Comments / suggestions? Monkeypants, even?
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Syrillasi [06 Jul 2002|05:24pm]

Hey all---somehow I managed to draw this when my wrist wasn't cranky. I should color it, so any advice on that front would be well-met...I think it should be Painter, but I have markers and colored pencils too, so I'm not sure.

They're a couple of vampires from an old roleplaying universe of mine. He's Alexander Syrillas; she's Daiva Riutis. They didn't have the most pleasant of marriages. Heh.

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Her eyes are messed up, but it's too late now. Sigh.
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So, I've go this theory about harlequins... [15 Jun 2002|02:07am]

[ mood | Utterly Spent ]

just a little scene idea for KotS...

Probably won't get to that scene for about 500 pages or so. *passes out* It probably wouldn't be Niamh, she never gets caught like this. It's just Niamh is my default character. I should probably switch to eilis and laosin for doodling, though, because they've got about three pages straight starting on page 26.

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Limnastics cosplay. It's here.... [14 Jun 2002|10:54am]

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Handguns and bubbles. [01 Jun 2002|11:28pm]

Still can't draw anything interesting that isn't derived from somebody else's characters, but at least i can tinker with penciling styles while cranking out fanart.

Delirium and SpikeCollapse )
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Delirium. (to continue our Sandman fetish...) [28 May 2002|10:09pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Hey kids...just got back from a few days at the coast with La Familia before starting work for the summer. (*sigh*)

At any rate, this was the prettiest thing I squeezed out while away. It's in Prismacolor colored pencils; I guess I really just wanted to get used to them before attempting anything really ambitious. I'm disappointed with the scan, but since it's a full 8.5x11 on a wire-bound sketchbook, it could've been worse.

So...all comments welcome, from pencil technique to whatever. I get the feeling it's a little too busy, but then, it's a portrait of Delirium, so there you go. Obviously, it's finished, so I can't change much, but all advice will be stored and appreciated.

I don't know. In general, I'm a chicken when it comes to exploiting my tools. If anybody has special tricks for scaring themselves into experimenting, pass them on, because I'm WAY too good at second-guessing myself. :)

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Prints. [24 May 2002|01:12am]

Hey guys...this post isn't a request for art an critique as much as a plea for info. Here goes:

When folks sell prints of their art, does anybody know what exactly it is that they're selling? I assume they're selling screenprints of their artwork, but if that's so, how does somebody go about getting screenprints of their art made?

I know several people who screenprint, but i haven't run across anybody with facilities capable of producing high-quality, multi-colored art prints yet.

Any info on this would be muy appreciated...
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Finished page 24... [15 May 2002|03:46pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

...and I'd be grateful to get reactions in light of the previous discussion about this page.

and I even inked the gutters with a brush.. go me for branching out!Collapse )

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Bill am Bad Man. [13 May 2002|12:12pm]

Okay, so with a wee bit of prodding from Vera, i've decided to whip up some nude (or semi-nude) sketches of female videogame/movie/comic characters to sell on Ebay (thusly padding my wee wallet with some spending cash for the Comicon). Yes, i am a sell-out. Shaddup.

Also - my ability to forcast what other people might consider to be 'sexy' is a bit wonky, so if anybody wants to take a peek, let me know what you think.

(Be warned, yes, there are naked naughty bits exposed in some drawings, and the doodles themselves are just pencil roughs that'll get cleaned up later.)
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KotS page 24 in progress [02 May 2002|09:49pm]

[ mood | determined ]

ahhhh... the tribulations of layout and dialogue...

...i could use some helpCollapse )

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D is for doodle. [11 Apr 2002|10:36am]

Here's something i scrawled out while at work.

Death & DeluriumCollapse )

Okay, okay, so it's another fan-art, i promise to put "real" art up here soon. Del's face is driving me nuts for some reason, everytime i look at her i think she's been hit in the face with a shovel.....grrrr...

Comments, criticisms?

*ducks and hides*
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VHD:B (ooh, acronyms!!) [09 Apr 2002|01:35am]

I really should be in bed now, but Vera told me I should put this up to see what you types could help me out with.

Vampire Hunter D is a Sexy BoyCollapse )

I'm still unsure about that faded quasi-frame behind him: it adds to the composition but it clutters up the page a lot. So...leave it white? Fiddle?

Also Vera wanted me to nix/lighten the outlines of the shadows in the face, but because I'm dumb and Photoshop hates me, this won't happen. Curses.

I'm going to clean up the little color layer overlaps still, so pardon if it's a tad messy around the edges. :)
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To Inaugurate Limnastics... [08 Apr 2002|09:58am]

Vera and I had a little fun with OpenCanvas last night, and since this place is orange, orange, orange (Vera nagged me into getting rid of the default colors on the mainpage...brat), we decided an orange-themed doodle was appropriate.

Just TRY to critique this, man. It's a thing of beauty.

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muahaha [07 Apr 2002|06:13pm]

we shall take over the world
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[21 Mar 2002|11:26pm]

Okey-doke, those of you who are diligent enough to have gotten here (what the hell were you doing looking at my Friends list? Ya freaks)...

I'm gonna really open up this thingummie for business come Sunday or so, when I'm settled in back in CT. In the meantime, everybody think of some happy communist groundrules about posting and such, send them to me, and then I'll stop being annoying. Tada!
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Testing, Testing, One Two Three. [21 Mar 2002|10:59pm]
Just trying this puppy out, to see if it works.

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